Workshops and Courses

I will be teaching  How to develop your psychic abilities in Croydon from 2018. The workshop  is suitable for  anyone interested in working with their intuition or thinking about taking a foundation course in developing their  psychic abilities.

If you would like information regarding the Psychic ability workshop, please email me on the contact us page.

If you are interested in becoming an accredited Energy Healer,  please contact the school directly.




Healing Course 

The Healing Course runs on 18 Sundays from 10am-5pm over a two-year period at Clean Break in London. The course content is very comprehensive and covers many subjects including:

The Nature of Healing
The Role & Responsibilities of the Healer
Energy Management
Understanding Different Types of Energies
The Chakras and Aura
Chair & Couch Healing
Distant Healing
Intuitive Healing
Working with Sound & Colour
Ancestral Healing
Healing Meditation
Medical Intuition
Cord Cutting
Spirit Release & Psychic Attack
Space Clearing
Healing Guides & Angels
Using a Pendulum in Healing
How the Body Communicates
Incarnation, Reincarnation & Karma
Working with Animals and Children
Cancer, Mental Health, HIV, Drugs and Alcohol
Death & Dying
Personal & Professional Development
Health & Safety
Record Keeping
Code of Conduct
Healing & the Law



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